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  • Vendor independence
  • Lower costs
  • Higher interoperability
  • Mobility
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Better service

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Relying on a single vendor for all IT infrastructure can turn out to be a bitter experience for an organization in the long run. Service contracts usually require organizations to acquire all equipment from the same vendor and keep on paying hefty amounts for support and system maintenance year after year. Vendor lock-ins usually occur when organizations become overly reliant on a single vendor for too many solutions or services. The cost of lock-ins can also become quite severe resulting in the organization's lack of bargaining ability to get better prices, a better service or solution enhancements, ultimately leaving the organization at the mercy of the vendor.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are sweeping the business landscape due to their massive appeal to businesses and end-users alike. For business users, BYOD allows the use of personally owned mobile devices for business use. The ability to use a device they are familiar with means the employees need not burden themselves with technology headaches and can instead focus on their tasks which can directly lead to an increased productivity for the entire organization. BYOD is equally appealing for businesses by giving them the freedom and control to shop the market for the best prices and avoid vendor lock-in effects. BYOD schemes are intended to allow firms to mix and match system components from multiple vendors to provide a best-of-breed solution with the aim to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity, reduce hardware costs and guarantee vendor neutrality.

Vodia's open communications platform furthers "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) programs by making sure that it's the customer and not the vendor who is in the driver's seat. In contrast to proprietary solutions that require all equipment be purchased from the same vendor, Vodia unified communications solution provides businesses with the unprecedented freedom of using any IP-based products (IP handsets, Softphones, Mobile SIP apps and IP gateways) that conform to industry standards. Why settle for "good enough" solutions when you could have an excellent one that guarantees longevity, momentum, support, and compatibility.

Key Benefits

  • Vendor neutrality
    Protect your business against the possibility of over-reliance on a single vendor by adopting a non-proprietary solution for your business communications needs. Increase your returns on investment by having the freedom to shop the market for the best prices and choosing the equipment that best suits your business and not the other way around. More options mean better prices, a better service and efficient use of existing resources.

  • Deployment automation
    Benefit from a VoIP-in-a-Box solution based on open standards that is designed to work seamlessly across all IP handsets, giving users the ultimate freedom in end-device selection. Manage large installations effortlessly with automatic device plug-and-play for a wide range of endpoints. Reduce costs by automating roll-outs and eliminating engineer involvement.

  • Lower costs
    Leverage your existing IP equipment and get your IT costs down by adopting an open platform that guarantees a long term continuity plan for your organization. Avoid dedicated equipment costs by seamlessly integrating your mobile users with your Vodia phone system and providing them access to the full feature set of the system from any location, at anytime and on the devices of their choice.

  • Tacit knowledge retention
    Avoid the loss of tacit knowledge acquired from learning, managing and maintaining proprietary solutions. The skills learned from one open platform can be re-utilized on another platform with possibly less or no re-training needed and can be easily transferred from one employee to another. By adopting an open standards based platform, your organization can ensure that the technical know-how remains secure within the organization functioning as a critical strategic resource and a valuable asset in maintaining the competitive advantage of the organization.

  • Mobility
    Accelerate decision making by enabling your employees to communicate with others both inside and outside the organization more easily and more efficiently. Boost your workforce productivity and improve your organizational responsiveness through an open communications platform providing your employees with the ability to stay connected to company communications on the devices of their choice from anywhere.
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