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Extension Features

Extensions are the most important assets of the system. Here is a overview of the features that come with every extension in the system.

  • Hot desking. Hot desking allow users to have calls follow them to another registered extension. You may receive your calls on other peoples desks or you may receive them at home, when you are home.
  • Multiple registrations. Users can be assigned multiple registrations that can be called in parallel. Incomin calls may alert your desktop phones, your cordless phones, your soft phones and anything else that registered to the phone system.
  • Photo Caller-ID. Users can upload a photo to their extensions. The photo displays as a caller-ID picture on suitable devices (e.g. snom 760, 820, 821, 870).

  • Emergency call coverage. Each extension is assigned an EPID (EndPoint Identifier). The EPID is sent on all 911 calls, enabling emergency personnel to call the extension back directly if the phone is disconnected or the person hangs up.even if an auto attendant is in the middle. As a safety net, an emergency ANI can be configured to ring the receptionist and can serve as a backup callback number.
  • Multiple time zone/language. Each extension can be configured with different time zones and languages.
  • Private address book. Each extension can have a private address book on the PBX.
  • Wakeup call. Users can program a wakeup call for any time of day or night. Notification of missed wakeup calls can be sent to a backup person.

  • Automatic call recording. Calls to the extension can be automatically recorded. The recorded messages are made available in the mailbox. Call recording can be limited to recording calls made to emergency services only. Please note that automatic call recording requires a separate license and is not part of the bundles.
  • Call screening. Inbound anonymous calls can be screened. The caller can be required to leave a name before the PBX calls the extension. The user can then decide whether to accept or reject the call.
  • Call forwarding. Users can forward their calls when busy, when no answer, or when not registered.
  • Email notifications. Every extension can be configured to receive a variety of emails, such as missed calls, status changes, when the mailbox is full, when a call was rejected by the system, or when the wakeup call was not answered.

  • Call limits. The number of calls per extension can be limited.
  • Prepaid credit. Every extension can be allotted a prepaid credit for outbound calls. Once the user has reached the credit limit, active calls on the extensions are cut off. Emails can notify the administrator when the credit limit has been reached.

  • Call permission control. Advanced call features, such as call barge, call teach (whisper), listen in, DND override, and intercom, can be controlled on the extension level.
  • "Limit incoming calls" list. The extension can be configured so that only certain extensions can place a call to it.
  • Interface customization. Users can customize their own web pages, plug and play templates, and email templates.

  • Button profiles. Each extension can have a button profile assigned for the automatic provisioning of snom phones.

All those features are included in the standard configuration.

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