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Mailbox Support

Every extension can have a mailbox.

  • Customized pickup time. The time after the mailbox picks up and the number of messages may be programmed. Messages may be marked private or urgent.
  • Multiple announcement modes. Anonymous, recorded name, or one of five personal greetings (selected via a star code).
  • Voicemail via email. Mailbox messages may be forwarded with or without message attachments to email addresses. This makes it possible to listen to the messages from other applications and/or while on the road.
  • Shared mailboxes. Users can grant other extensions access to the mailbox.
  • Messaging. Users may use the mailbox to record notes. These notes can then be copied or moved into other mailbox accounts.
  • Comments. Mailbox users may record comments to received mailbox messages. Those messages may then be forwarded into other mailbox accounts.
  • Web interface. Mailbox messages are accessible through the web interface of the PBX. Received messages can be played back from the web interface.
  • Message Waiting Indication. When the user receives a new message, the associated phone may light up a message waiting indication.

All those features are included in the standard configuration.

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