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Disaster Recovery & High Availability

  • Unlimited failover lines
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud-Premise hybrid operation
  • Seamless coexistence

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Business continuity and disaster recovery planning has gained strategic importance for organizations lately to ensure successful operation of mission critical applications, systems and services. Failure and downtime is no longer an acceptable risk in the challenging modern day business environment making resiliency and disaster recovery a must have for organizations of all sizes. Research indicates that some 42% of companies already have some sort of disaster recovery plans in place, yet still a sizeable number of enterprises continue to shy away from IT disaster management or hold plans till later which can lead to severe consequences for the organization in the long run. Part of the reason for this complacency is the anticipated complexity of the task and the lack of expertise in organizations to deal with it.

Communications systems are one of the most mission critical components of organizations. No business can afford to be cut-off from their customers even for a few minutes. A simple power outage can put the whole business at risk, leading to lost sales, poor customer experience and catastrophic data loss and the potential high costs of dealing with the recovery.

Vodia's highly robust communications software is built for resilience and high availability by providing a fail-safe option on every level to ensure undisrupted communications and business continuity. The ability to provide unlimited failover phone lines or trunks on every installation eliminates a single point of failure and makes sure your calls get routed undisrupted on the next available line. Deploying Vodia communications software across multiple locations guarantees geographic redundancy for organizations and service providers, by ensuring continued operation of the phone system in the event of regional disasters. If the communications platform at one data center goes down, calls can be seamlessly re-routed to another location. System and domain level backups allow organizations to mirror their on-site Vodia phone system configuration to Vodia's cloud service acting as a virtual failover system. Organizations with existing legacy phone systems can ensure high availability by deploying Vodia's communications software in parallel with their existing equipment. IP handsets can be simply configured with a second line on the Vodia system to provide system level failover guaranteeing continued operation in case of hardware failures.

Key Benefits

  • Cold stand-by
    Minimize downtime with cost-effective redundancy approaches involving DNS based load balancing and fault tolerance. Once the primary system fails, the backup can be activated and your telephone system can be back online without much service disruption.

  • Virtualization
    Build a robust communications platform for your organization through virtualization of Vodia software across multiple Virtual machines acting as failover nodes. The virtual machines can be programmed as cold, warm or hot standby nodes depending on the level of failover required.

  • Geographic redundancy
    Ensure continued operation of your phone system and other critical applications by deploying primary and backup systems in different geographical locations minimizing outages and service disruptions due to regional disasters. If business phone system equipment at one data center goes down, calls are seamlessly re-routed to another location.

  • Cloud backup
    Minimize downtime with a hybrid approach involving a virtual phone system in addition to your on-site communications system. Each user phone can be configured with an extra line on a cloud server. If the on-site phone system fails, users can still make and receive calls through the backup hosted lines.

  • Seamless coexistence
    Double up your uptime with a second phone system running side-by-side with your existing legacy communications platform. No need to rip out your old phone system or IP handsets, just set up a second server with Vodia software acting as a backup system and ensure seamless failover for your existing phone system.

  • Build customer trust
    Build a strong customer relationship through a highly robust communications platform that can guarantee fail-safe communications for your organization and your customers. Lower the cost of customer retention by building trust and avoiding IT disasters that would otherwise lead to thousands of dollars lost from extended service disruptions or loss of critical data.
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