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Vodia PBX Support

A modern, software-based PBX like the Vodia PBX is a complex product. The design tries to make things as simple as possible; however there are still cases when it is easier to ask instead trying to figure it out by browsing the documentation.

For support, we have two different categories.

Private Support. In some cases, it is easier to talk to someone on the phone to get things resolved quickly. However, this kind of support is a lot more resource intense than the publically available support. That's why we charge a rate per hour. The paid amount is credited against a future purchase of a bundle for one year. If you would like to purchase individual support, click here.

Public Support. The Vodia PBX forum at forum.vodia.com already contains a lot of questions and answers that help in many cases to solve the problems at hand. By nature, this kind of support is free of charge. Customers are welcome to add more topics about the Vodia PBX and how to use it; the Vodia PBX team is doing their best to make sure that topics get answered. As the discussions are generally public, all visitors benefit from those answers, and that's why this forum is free of charge and very welcome.

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